The Importance of Testimonials

"Glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." Testimony in regard to the healing of the sick is highly important. More than a mere rehearsal of blessings, it scales the pinnacle of praise and illustrates the demonstration of Christ, "who healeth all thy diseases" (Psalms 103: 3). Read some examples of testimonials from members of our Society.

To read even more, the weekly Christian Science Sentinel and monthly Christian Science Journal contain testimonies. Additionally, our Reading Room has an archive of issues with thousands of individual stories.

Testimonials of Christian Science Healing in College Station

Christian Science Society

Trials are Proofs of God’s Care

John M. Vance

Although I was raised in Christian Science and attended a Christian Science Sunday school, I did not fully appreciate the value of this teaching until much later. As a child, I experienced a number of healings that showed me the power of God and the efficacy of Christian Science treatment.

As a teenager I became overly involved in activities that left me little time for the study of Christian Science. Nevertheless, what I had learned in the Christian Science Sunday school remained with me and helped me in an hour of great need.

It was during a summer vacation from college. I was competing in an automobile race on a hot Fourth of July weekend at an airfield in south Texas. This involved working on the car as well as driving in the race. Later in the evening I suffered an attack with symptoms that greatly frightened me. Periodically I lost consciousness and had great difficulty breathing. The family I was visiting was not of Christian Science background. They called a physician, who diagnosed the case as heat stroke. I will always be grateful that this family respected my desire to have help in Christian Science rather than medical care. A Christian Science practitioner was called who prayed for me as taught in Christian Science. The family also read me selected passages from the Bible and Science and Health.

The Bible passages were from I John, Chapters 3 and 4. The keynote to me was the verse (4:18): “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear.” I recognized clearly that fear was the root of the trouble, especially the fear of death. As I prayed I felt the presence of God. Bodily functions became more normal, and I was able to rest. The next morning, after a period of normal sleep, the attack was gone. But fear that these symptoms might return remained, and I recognized the need to overcome this fear completely.

Over the next several years I underwent a period of great spiritual growth. On my own initiative, and for the first time in my life, I took up the study of Christian Science in earnest. As Science and Health tells us (p. 66), “Trials are proofs of God’s care.”

The following summer brought an opportunity to work in the oil fields of south Texas as a roustabout. I needed the job to help pay for college expenses, but I had not yet overcome my fear of exposure to the hot summer sun. Also, my father (who was not a Christian Scientist) had heart trouble, and I was afraid that I might have inherited a weak heart. I asked a practitioner for help in overcoming these fears. She expressed such confidence that I would overcome them, that I felt sure she could only have been divinely inspired. From that point on, I made rapid progress.

Through prayerful study, and with loving support from my mother, who is a Christian Scientist, I was able to take the summer job and fulfill all the required duties. There were no further attacks. This experience showed me that the power of God is indeed omnipotent and that I could assert my God-given dominion over material limitations.

Overcoming this difficulty resulted in many other blessings as well. My grades in college went from poor to good to excellent, and I was later able to pursue graduate study. Where before I had been introverted and self-centered, I became more thoughtful of others and aware of their needs. I learned to rejoice in the spiritual qualities they expressed. This latter change was noted by many friends and relatives.

This healing radically altered the course of my life. Without Christian Science I feel certain I would still be enslaved by fears I suffered from years ago. Of course I have had, and still have, many other problems and challenges to be addressed, but I am grateful to have learned early in life that God is “a very present help in trouble” (Ps. 46:1).

Christian Science Society

Loaves and Fishes

Lee Davison

Texas A&M University has thousands of students with a wide range of incomes. I recall a time when we were students here with 3 small children, both of us working part-time to provide for our family and school expenses.

One Friday evening, I went to fix dinner and realized the “cupboard was bare” literally. How did this happen? Poor planning on my part or what? I had been expecting some funds to come in the mail all that week, but they hadn’t come. And we were out of groceries.

At first I tried to find a human solution without success ~ this was before today’s debit and credit cards provided instant cash. So as was my habit, I turned to prayer to solve this problem, confident that God, good, as the Bible declares Him/Her to be, would give me ideas I could use.

This was a biggie, 3 children and a dog needing food right then. My prayer went something like this: I thanked God, the provider of all good, for already knowing what my little family needed, feeling sure He/She would provide it in a way we could use.

The Bible stories of Jesus feeding the multitudes came like angel thoughts ~ how a small fisher boy appeared with loaves and fishes enough to feed the flock. Where were my loaves and fishes?

A statement from the textbook of Christian Science came to me that “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” We certainly had a human need, so I could rest knowing that God, good, Love would supply us with food and whatever else was needed.

I thought about these ideas for an hour or so when the telephone rang. The person said she was a neighbor of mine and her husband worked for a local grocery store. They were doing inventory and he had several cases of food that she thought we might be able to use. She said she knew we were in school and our food budget was tight, and she wanted to help. Could she and her husband come by later that night and bring us some groceries?

My heart was pounding with gratitude and awe at the wonderful way this was turning out. Then, before they arrived with the groceries, fear and doubt said, “Oh, they won’t have anything for your dog, and it’s probably food you won’t eat anyway, and what will you do for milk and bread?”

I sat the children down and told them dinner would be a little late that night so we would have a “midnight picnic” ~ a treat to them. There were no complaints, no hungry crying. We talked about the loaves and fishes story they knew from their Sunday school, how it was a case of simple mathematics, multiplying instead of subtracting, good being the source of that food.

Later that evening a car pulled up and began unloading milk crates of food at our back door. The kids were so excited going thru each one and checking out the contents ~ cereal, canned goods, biscuit mixes, syrup, jelly, peanut butter, etc. When they got to the very last one, they saw it contained several cans of dog food, powdered milk and one loaf of bread! Enough food to last us for quite some time. The givers were so thrilled to be able to share their goodness with us and we were so grateful to be able to see how God is always providing for us, right where it seems we are “out” of …. (fill in the blank). We all felt blessed~donors and recipients.

I never did get the one check I was waiting for, but other ways opened for me to earn money.

Christian Science Society

Poems Inspired by my study of Christian Science

Joyce Menefee

Fabric of a Different Sort

It might be said of all mankind,
That ignorance was his clothing,
Till knowledge came & stripped him naked,
Till invention came to cover his shame,
Till Truth should come and robe him.

Chords of Harmony

Immortal Chords of harmony are ever present near,
Waiting for the disciplined obedient ear to hear.
To exercise dominion with Mind’s eternal Law,
To amplify perfection, attenuate the flaw.
Let error’s chordless chanting be gone and cease be heard.
Let Life’s immortal theme be sung with Love’s accomplished Word.

Christian Science Society

My First Healing

Deborah Fry

During a school test when I was in sixth grade, I had my first “healing". It was a test about Abraham Lincoln, and I was stuck on the question, “Name the theater where President Lincoln was shot.” I was very upset with myself, so I began to pray. I remembered four things based on our Bible and Christian Science textbook study and discussions in my Christian Science Sunday School class:

  1. God is Mind, and “His understanding is infinite” (Psalm 147:5). He is the source of every good idea.
  2. God made man - His children, including me - in His image and likeness, and He made all His creation “very good”. (Genesis 1:27 and 31)
  3. “Like father – like son” - a child derives his being and nature from his parent, so then, I, as God’s child - His image and likeness- reflect and express His intelligence.
  4. This creator-created, father-child relationship is a unity and an ever-present oneness which is invariable and unbreakable. Christ Jesus’ life demonstrated this oneness with God, and he gave us His example to follow. (John 17:21 and James 1:17)

I reasoned simply, based on these truths, that I was God’s creation - His child, that my nature and my source of good (and correct) answers were from Him, and that I was, at that very moment and always, unchangingly and perfectly connected to Him. The ideas I needed to answer the test questions I realized were right there in God’s Mind and mine! Simultaneously with my thoughtful discovery, I was calm and fearless, and the pencil in my hand moved across the page with an answer: Ford Theater!

I have continued through all my student years and far beyond to apply these same spiritual facts to all types of situations with many lovely practical outcomes. Several lines from the Christian Science textbook, Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, incorporates these aforementioned truths and so inspire my prayers. They read:

As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man, Father and son, are one in being. The Scripture reads: ‘For in Him we live, and move, and have our being.’ (p.361:16)

Being a student of Christian Science and striving to follow the Exemplar, Christ Jesus, in demonstrating man’s oneness with God, has given me a stronger sense of identity, confidence in my capabilities, assurance of purposeful activity and employment, and wonderful feelings of health, harmony, home, and family. It truly expands my life in every way, and I am very grateful!

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